Quotes by O Authors

Bill O'Brien
British Politician
William O'Brien was an Irish journalist and politician. Wikipedia
Conan O'Brien
American Entertainer
Conan Christopher O'Brien is an American television host, comedian, writer, producer and performer. Wikipedia
Conor Cruise O'Brien
Irish Politician
Conor Cruise O'Brien often nicknamed "The Cruiser", was an Irish politician, writer, historian and academic. Wikipedia
Dan O'Brien
American Athlete
Daniel Dion "Dan" O'Brien , an American athlete. A decathlete, his 1990s achievements in the decathlon included the winning of an Olympic gold medal in 1996, and, previous to that, three consecutive titles at the World Championships in Athletics. Wikipedia
Ed O'Brien
English Musician
Edward John "Ed" O'Brien is an English musician, songwriter, and guitarist for the rock band Radiohead. He is also responsible for harmony vocals during live concerts and on many tracks from the band's albums . Wikipedia
Edna O'Brien
Irish Novelist
Edna O'Brien is an Irish novelist, playwright, poet and short story writer whose works often revolve around the inner feelings of women, and their problems in relating to men, and to society as a whole. Wikipedia
Flann O'Brien
Irish Writer
Brian O'Nolan was an Irish novelist, playwright and satirist, considered a major figure in twentieth century Irish literature. Born in Strabane, County Tyrone, he is regarded as a key figure in postmodern literature. Wikipedia
Kate O'Brien
Irish Novelist
Kate O'Brien was an Irish novelist and playwright. Wikipedia
Keith O'Brien
Scottish Clergyman
Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien is a Scottish cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh from 1985 to 2013. He was elevated to the cardinalate in 2003. Wikipedia
Margaret O'Brien
American Actress
Margaret O'Brien is an American film, television and stage actress. Wikipedia
Richard O'Brien
English Actor
Richard Timothy Smith , better known under his stage name Richard O'Brien, is an English writer, actor, television presenter and theatre performer. Wikipedia
Soledad O'Brien
American Journalist
María de la Soledad Teresa O'Brien is an American broadcast journalist. Wikipedia
Sean O'Casey
Irish Playwright
Seán O'Casey was an Irish dramatist and memoirist. A committed socialist, he was the first Irish playwright of note to write about the Dublin working classes. Wikipedia
Daniel O'Connell
Irish Politician
Daniel O'Connell ; often referred to as The Liberator, or The Emancipator, was an Irish political leader in the first half of the 19th century. Wikipedia
Jerry O'Connell
American Actor
Jeremiah "Jerry" O'Connell is an American actor, best known for his roles in the TV series Sliders, Andrew Clements in My Secret Identity, Vern Tessio in the film Stand by Me, Derek in Scream 2, Charlie Carbone in Kangaroo Jack, and Detective Woody... Wikipedia
William H. O'Connell
American Clergyman
William Henry O'Connell was an American cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Archbishop of Boston from 1907 until his death, and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1911. Wikipedia
Carroll O'Connor
American Actor
Carroll O'Connor was an American actor, producer and director whose television career spanned four decades. A life member of The Actors Studio, O'Connor first attracted attention as Major General Colt in the 1970 movie Kelly's Heroes. Wikipedia
Donald O'Connor
Donald David Dixon Ronald O'Connor was an American dancer, singer, and actor who came to fame in a series of movies in which he co-starred alternately with Gloria Jean, Peggy Ryan, and Francis the Talking Mule. Wikipedia
Flannery O'Connor
American Author
Mary Flannery O'Connor was an American writer and essayist. An important voice in American literature, O'Connor wrote two novels and 32 short stories, as well as a number of reviews and commentaries. Wikipedia
Frank O'Connor
Irish Author
Frank O'Connor was an Irish author of over 150 works, best known for his short stories and memoirs. Wikipedia
Renee O'Connor
American Actress
Evelyn Renee O'Connor is an American actress, producer and director best known for playing the role of Gabrielle on the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. Wikipedia
Sandra Day O'Connor
American Judge
Sandra Day O'Connor is a retired United States Supreme Court justice. She served as an Associate Justice from her appointment in 1981 by Ronald Reagan until her retirement from the Court in 2006. She was the first woman to be appointed to the Court. Wikipedia
Sinead O'Connor
Irish Musician
Sinéad Marie Bernadette O'Connor is an Irish singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the late 1980s with her debut album The Lion and the Cobra. O'Connor achieved worldwide success in 1990 with a cover of Prince's song "Nothing Compares 2 U". Wikipedia
Nancy O'Dell
American Celebrity
Nancy O'Dell is an American television host and entertainment journalist, who currently is the co-anchor of the syndicated entertainment news show Entertainment Tonight since 2011. She joined the show on January 3, 2011. Wikipedia
Chris O'Donnell
American Actor
Christopher Eugene "Chris" O'Donnell is an American actor. Wikipedia
Christine O'Donnell
American Politician
Christine Therese O'Donnell is an American Tea Party politician, former Republican Party candidate, and conservative activist best known for her stances against abortion, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, and masturbation. Wikipedia
Gus O'Donnell
British Economist
Augustine Thomas O'Donnell, Baron O'Donnell, GCB , is a former British senior civil servant and economist, who between 2005 and 2011 served as the Cabinet Secretary, the highest official in the British Civil Service. Wikipedia
Rosie O'Donnell
American Comedian
Roseann "Rosie" O'Donnell is an American comedian, actress, author and television personality. Wikipedia
Michael O'Donoghue
American Writer
Michael O'Donoghue was a writer and performer. He was known for his dark and destructive style of comedy and humor, was a major contributor to National Lampoon magazine, and was the first head writer of Saturday Night Live. Wikipedia
Sean O'Faolain
Irish Writer
Seán Proinsias Ó Faoláin was an Irish short story writer. He was elected Saoi of Aosdána in 1986. Wikipedia
Frances O'Grady
British Activist
Frances O'Grady is the General Secretary of the British Trades Union Congress . Wikipedia
Paul O'Grady
English Comedian
Paul James Michael O'GradyMBE is an Englishcomedian, television presenter, actor, writer and radio DJ. Wikipedia
Madalyn Murray O'Hair
American Writer
Madalyn Murray O'Hair was an American atheist activist. She was the founder of the organization American Atheists and served as its president from 1963 to 1986. Wikipedia
Catherine O'Hara
Canadian Actress
Catherine Anne O'Hara is a Canadian-American actress, writer and comedienne. Wikipedia
Frank O'Hara
American Poet
Francis Russell "Frank" O'Hara was an American writer, poet and art critic. He was a member of the New York School of poetry. Wikipedia
John O'Hara
American Writer
John Henry O'Hara was an American writer. He earned a reputation first for short stories and became a best-selling novelist by the age of thirty with Appointment in Samarra and BUtterfield 8.. Wikipedia
Maureen O'Hara
Irish Actress
Maureen O'Hara is an Irish film actress and singer. The famously red-headed O'Hara has been noted for playing fiercely passionate heroines with a highly sensible attitude. She often worked with director John Ford and long-time friend John Wayne. Wikipedia
John O'Hurley
American Actor
John George O'Hurley is an American actor, voice actor, author and television personality. He is known for the role of J. Peterman on the NBC sitcom Seinfeld and was a host of the game show Family Feud from 2006 to 2010. Wikipedia
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
American Model
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe is an American actress and model, who at age 17 portrayed Cassidy Bridges on Nash Bridges. She is also known for her role on Prison Break as Gretchen Morgan, a.k.a. "Susan B. Anthony". Wikipedia
Georgia O'Keeffe
American Artist
Georgia Totto O'Keeffe was an American artist. Wikipedia
Jean O'Leary
American Activist
Jean O'Leary was an American gay and lesbian rights activist. She had been a Roman Catholic Religious Sister before this involvement, and would later write about her experience in a 1984 anthology, Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence. Wikipedia
Kevin O'Leary
Canadian Businessman
Kevin O'Leary is a Canadian entrepreneur, venture capitalist, investor, and television personality who turned a $10,000 loan into a computer software business worth $4.21 billion. Wikipedia
Alex O'Loughlin
Australian Actor
Alex O'Loughlin ; is an Australian actor, currently starring in CBS's Hawaii Five-0 as Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett. His earlier roles include Kevin Hiatt in The Shield, Mick St. John in Moonlight, Dr. Wikipedia
Austin O'Malley
American Physicist
Austin O'Malley is a Gaelic football player for Wicklow and St Patricks. O'Malley won the Dublin Senior Football Championship with UCD in 2006. The Louisburgh native was involved in a messy transfer process which brought him to St. Wikipedia
Martin O'Malley
American Politician
Martin Joseph O'Malley is an American politician and the 61st and current Governor of Maryland. First elected in 2006, he defeated incumbent Governor Robert Ehrlich, and again in a 2010 rematch. Wikipedia
Alexander O'Neal
American Musician
Alexander O'Neal is an American R&B singer. He is best known for the songs "If You Were Here Tonight", "Criticize" and "Fake" and the duets with Cherrelle, "Saturday Love" and "Never Knew Love Like This". Wikipedia
Shaquille O'Neal
American Athlete
Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal , nicknamed "Shaq" , is an American retired basketball player, former rapper and current analyst on the television program Inside the NBA. Wikipedia
Tatum O'Neal
American Actress
Tatum Beatrice O'Neal is an American actress and author. She is the youngest person ever to win a competitive Academy Award, which she won at the age of 10 for her performance as Addie Loggins in Paper Moon opposite her father Ryan O'Neal. Wikipedia
Nance O'Neil
Nance O'Neil was an American actress of stage and silent cinema of the early 20th century, dubbed the American Bernhardt. Wikipedia
Ed O'Neill
American Actor
Edward Phillip "Ed" O'Neill, Jr. is an American actor. He is best known for his role as the main character, Al Bundy, on the Fox TV Network sitcom Married... with Children, for which he was nominated for two Golden Globes. Wikipedia
Eugene O'Neill
American Dramatist
Eugene Gladstone O'Neill was an Irish American playwright and Nobel laureate in Literature. Wikipedia
Jennifer O'Neill
American Actress
Jennifer O'Neill is an American actress, model, author and speaker, known for her role in the 1971 film Summer of '42 and as a face of CoverGirl cosmetics starting in the 1970s. Wikipedia
John O'Neill
Paul O'Neill
American Politician
Thomas P. O'Neill
American Politician
Thomas Phillip "Tip" O'Neill, Jr. was an American politician and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Wikipedia
Bill O'Reilly
American Journalist
Heather O'Reilly
American Athlete
Heather Ann O'Reilly , also known by her initials HAO, is a member of the United States women's national soccer team and a three-time Olympic Gold medalist. Wikipedia
Tim O'Reilly
Irish Businessman
Tim O'Reilly is the founder of O'Reilly Media and a supporter of the free software and open source movements. Wikipedia
Heather O'Rourke
American Actress
Heather O'Rourke was an American child actress. Wikipedia
P. J. O'Rourke
American Comedian
Patrick Jake "P. J." O'Rourke is an American political satirist, journalist, writer, and author. O'Rourke is the H. L. Wikipedia
Arthur O'Shaughnessy
British Poet
Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy was a British poet of Irish descent, born in London. Wikipedia
Annette O'Toole
American Dancer
Annette O'Toole is an American actress, dancer, and singer-songwriter. She is most recently known for portraying Martha Kent, the mother of Clark Kent on the television series Smallville. Wikipedia
John O'Toole
Canadian Politician
John O'Toole is a politician in Ontario, Canada. He has been a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since 1995, representing the riding of Durham for the Progressive Conservative Party. Wikipedia
Peter O'Toole
Irish Actor
Peter Seamus Lorcan O'Toole is an Irish-English actor of stage and screen. O'Toole achieved stardom in 1962 playing T. E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia and then went on to become a highly-honoured film and stage actor. Wikipedia
Paul Oakenfold
British Musician
Paul Mark Oakenfold is an English record producer and trance DJ. Wikipedia
Ann Oakley
British Sociologist
Ann Oakley is a distinguished British sociologist, feminist, and writer. Wikipedia
Adam Oates
Canadian Athlete
Adam Oates is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player and current head coach of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League . Wikipedia
John Oates
American Musician
John William Oates is an American rock, R&B and soul guitarist, musician, songwriter and producer best known as half of the rock and soul duo Hall & Oates . Wikipedia
Johnny Oates
American Athlete
Johnny Lane Oates was an American professional baseball player, coach, and manager. Wikipedia
Joyce Carol Oates
American Novelist
Joyce Carol Oates is an American author. Oates published her first book in 1963 and has since published over forty novels, as well as a number of plays and novellas, and many volumes of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction. Wikipedia
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
Pakistani Journalist
Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy , is an Emmy and Oscar award-winning Pakistani-Canadian journalist and documentary filmmaker. She won an Academy Award for her documentary, Saving Face in 2012. Wikipedia
Barack Obama
American President
Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States, in office since 2009. He is the first African American to hold the office. Wikipedia
Michelle Obama
American First Lady
Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is an American lawyer and writer. She is the wife of the 44th and current President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the first African-American First Lady of the United States. Wikipedia
Olusegun Obasanjo
Nigerian Statesman
Olusegun Obasanjo is a former Nigerian Army general and former President of Nigeria. Wikipedia
Merle Oberon
American Actress
Merle Oberon was an Anglo-Indian actress. She began her film career in British films as Anne Boleyn in The Private Life of Henry VIII . After her success in The Scarlet Pimpernel , she travelled to the United States to make films for Samuel Goldwyn. Wikipedia
Conor Oberst
American Musician
Conor Mullen Oberst is an American singer-songwriter best known for his work in Bright Eyes. He also played in several other bands, including Desaparecidos, Norman Bailer , Commander Venus, Park Ave. Wikipedia
Hermann Oberth
German Scientist
Hermann Julius Oberth was an Austro-Hungarian-born German physicist and engineer. He is considered one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics. Wikipedia
Dave Obey
American Politician
David Ross "Dave" Obey is the former U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 7th congressional district, serving 21 consecutive terms from 1969 until 2011. Wikipedia
David Obey
American Politician
David Ross "Dave" Obey is the former U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 7th congressional district, serving 21 consecutive terms from 1969 until 2011. Wikipedia
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
Mexican Politician
Andrés Manuel López Obrador , also known as AMLO or El Peje, is a Mexican politician who held the position of Head of Government of the Federal District from 2000 to 2005, before resigning in July 2005 to contend the 2006 presidential election,... Wikipedia
Ric Ocasek
Ric Ocasek is an American musician and music producer. He is best known as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock band, The Cars. When Ocasek was 16, his father, a Czech-born computer analyst for NASA, was transferred to Cleveland, Ohio. Wikipedia
William of Occam
English Philosopher
William of Ockham was an English Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher and theologian, who is believed to have been born in Ockham, a small village in Surrey. Wikipedia
Billy Ocean
British Musician
Billy Ocean is a British recording artist who had a string of R&B international pop hits in the 1970s and 1980s. He was the most popular British-based R&B singer-songwriter of the early to mid-1980s. Wikipedia
Frank Ocean
American Musician
Christopher Francis Ocean , better known by his stage name Frank Ocean, is an American singer-songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana. Ocean's early career was as a ghostwriter for artists such as Brandy, Justin Bieber, and John Legend. Wikipedia
Ellen Ochoa
American Astronaut
Ellen Lauri Ochoa is a former astronaut and current Director of the Johnson Space Center. Ochoa became director of the center upon retirement of the current director, Michael Coats, on December 31, 2012. Wikipedia
Phil Ochs
American Musician
Philip David Ochs was an American protest singer and songwriter who was known for his sharp wit, sardonic humor, earnest humanism, political activism, insightful and alliterative lyrics, and distinctive voice. Wikipedia
Bob Odenkirk
American Actor
Robert "Bob" Odenkirk is an American actor, comedian, writer, director and producer. He is best known as the co-creator and co-star of the HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Wikipedia
Clifford Odets
American Playwright
Clifford Odets was an American playwright, screenwriter, and director. Wikipedia
Steve Odland
Steve Odland is an American businessman. He is President and CEO of the Committee for Economic Development. Wikipedia
Hortense Odlum
Hortense McQuarrie Odlum was the first woman president of Bonwit Teller Department Store in New York City and the wife of financier Floyd Odlum. Wikipedia
William Odom
American Soldier
William Eldridge Odom was a retired U.S. Army 3-star general, and former Director of the NSA under President Ronald Reagan, which culminated a 31-year career in military intelligence, mainly specializing in matters relating to the Soviet Union. Wikipedia
Kenzaburo Oe
Japanese Writer
Kenzaburo Oe is a Japanese author and a major figure in contemporary Japanese literature. Wikipedia
Roger von Oech
Roger von Oech is an American speaker, conference organizer, author, and toy-maker whose focus has been on the study of creativity. Wikipedia
Alexander Dale Oen
Norwegian Athlete
Alexander Dale Oen was a Norwegian swimmer. He represented the clubs Vestkantsvømmerne and Bærumsvømmerne . Wikipedia
Al Oerter
American Athlete
Alfred Oerter, Jr. was an American athlete, and a four-time Olympic Champion in the discus throw. Wikipedia
David Ogilvy
English Businessman
Sadaharu Oh
Japanese Athlete
Sadaharu Oh, or Wang Chenchih , is a retired Japanese-Taiwanese baseball player and manager. Wikipedia
Sandra Oh
Canadian Actress
Sandra Oh is a Canadian actress. She is best known for the role of Dr. Cristina Yang on ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy, for which she has won Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards. Wikipedia
Daniel Okrent
American Editor
Daniel Okrent is an American writer and editor. Wikipedia
Ben Okri
Nigerian Poet