Quotes by F Authors

Shelley Fabares
American Actress
Michele Ann Marie "Shelley" Fabares is an American actress and singer. Fabares is known for her roles as Donna Reed's oldest child Mary Stone on The Donna Reed Show , and as Hayden Fox's love interest Christine Armstrong on the sitcom Coach . Wikipedia
Frederick William Faber
British Theologian
Frederick William Faber, C.O., was a noted English hymn writer and theologian, who converted from Anglicanism to the Catholic priesthood. His best known work is Faith of Our Fathers. Wikipedia
Geoffrey Faber
British Publisher
Sir Geoffrey Cust Faber was a British academic, publisher, and poet. He was a nephew of the noted convert and hymn writer, Father Frederick William Faber, C.O., founder of the Brompton Oratory. Wikipedia
Marc Faber
American Businessman
Marc Faber is a Swiss investor. Faber is publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report newsletter and is the director of Marc Faber Ltd which acts as an investment advisor and fund manager. Wikipedia
Laurent Fabius
French Statesman
Laurent Fabius is a French Socialist politician. He served as Prime Minister from 17 July 1984 to 20 March 1986. He was 37 years old when he was appointed and is, so far, the youngest Prime Minister of the Fifth Republic. Wikipedia
Jean Henri Fabre
French Author
Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre was a French entomologist and author. Wikipedia
Peter Facinelli
American Actor
Peter Facinelli is an American actor. He became known as the star of Fox's 2002 television series Fastlane. He plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the film adaptations of the Twilight series. Wikipedia
Cliff Fadiman
American Author
Clifton Fadiman
American Writer
Clifton P. "Kip" Fadiman was an American intellectual, author, editor, radio and television personality. Wikipedia
Donald Fagen
American Musician
Donald Jay Fagen is an American musician and songwriter, best known as the co-founder and lead singer of the rock band Steely Dan. Wikipedia
John Fahey
American Musician
Siobhan Fahey
British Musician
Siobhan Fahey is an Irish musician and founding member of the 1980s British girl group Bananarama, and later formed the BRIT Award and Ivor Novello award winning musical outfit Shakespears Sister. Wikipedia
Lorrie Fair
American Athlete
Lorraine Ming "Lorrie" Fair was a member of the World Cup Champion United States national soccer team. Over the span of ten years, she was a part of one World Cup Team and three Olympic teams, and retired from international play in 2005. Wikipedia
Nan Fairbrother
English Writer
Nan Fairbrother was an English writer and lecturer on landscape and land use. She was a Member of the UK Institute of Landscape Architects, now the Landscape Institute. Her brother was also a landscape architect. Wikipedia
Edward Fairfax
English Writer
Edward Fairfax was a translator, the natural son of Sir Thomas Fairfax the elder, of Denton in Yorkshire, and thus a half-brother of Sir Thomas Fairfax. Wikipedia
Benjamin Franklin Fairless
American Businessman
Benjamin Franklin Fairless was an American steel company executive. He was president of a wide range of steel companies during a turbulent and formative period in the American steel industry. Wikipedia
Ron Fairly
American Athlete
Ronald Ray Fairly is a former Major League Baseball player and broadcaster. He either played in or broadcast over 7,000 major league games from 1958 through 2006. Wikipedia
Adam Faith
English Musician
Terence "Terry" Nelhams-Wright, known as Adam Faith , was a British teen idol, singer, actor, and financial journalist. He was one of the most charted acts of the 1960s. He became the first UK artist to lodge his initial seven hits in the Top 5. Wikipedia
Marianne Faithfull
British Musician
Marianne Evelyn Faithfull is an English singer, songwriter and actress whose career has spanned five decades. Wikipedia
Rima Fakih
American Clergyman
Rima Fakih is an American beauty pageant contestant, and winner of the 2010 Miss USA title, and trained to be a professional wrestler in WWE as a WWE Diva. Wikipedia
Brad Falchuk
American Director
Brad Falchuk is a television writer, director and producer. He is best known for his work on the television series Nip/Tuck, Glee, and American Horror Story. Wikipedia
Edie Falco
American Actress
Edith "Edie" Falco is an American television, film and stage actress, known for her roles as Diane Whittlesey in the HBO series Oz, as Carmela Soprano on the HBO series The Sopranos, and as the titular character of the Showtime series Nurse Jackie. Wikipedia
Giovanni Falcone
Italian Judge
Giovanni Falcone was an Italian prosecuting magistrate. From his office in the Palace of Justice in Palermo, he spent most of his professional life trying to overthrow the power of the Mafia in Sicily. Wikipedia
William Falconer
Scottish Poet
William Falconer was a Scottish poet. Wikipedia
Nick Faldo
English Athlete
Sir Nicholas Alexander Faldo MBE is an English professional golfer on the European Tour, now mainly an on-air golf analyst. A top player of his era, he won six major championships: three Open Championships and three Masters. He was ranked No. Wikipedia
Peter Falk
American Actor
Peter Michael Falk was an American actor, best known for his role as Lt. Columbo in the television series Columbo. He appeared in numerous films such as The Princess Bride, The Great Race and Next, and television guest roles. Wikipedia
Oriana Fallaci
Italian Journalist
Oriana Fallaci was an Italian journalist, author, and political interviewer. A former partisan during World War II, she had a long and successful journalistic career. Wikipedia
Mary Fallin
American Politician
Mary Fallin is the 27th and current Governor of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. She was a U.S. Representative for Oklahoma's 5th congressional district from 2007 until 2011. Wikipedia
Jimmy Fallon
American Comedian
James Thomas "Jimmy" Fallon is an American actor, comedian, singer, musician and television host. He currently hosts Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a late-night talk show that airs on NBC. Wikipedia
James Fallows
American Journalist
James Fallows is an American print and radio journalist. He has been a national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly for many years. Wikipedia
Cyril Falls
English Historian
Cyril Bentham Falls CBE was a military historian noted for his work on the First World War. He was born in Dublin and died in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Wikipedia
Agnetha Faltskog
Swedish Musician
Agnetha Åse Fältskog or just Agnetha Fältskog is a Swedish recording artist born on 5 April 1950. Wikipedia
Susan Faludi
American Writer
Susan C. Faludi is an American feminist, journalist and author. She won a Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism in 1991, for a report on the leveraged buyout of Safeway Stores, Inc. Wikipedia
Jerry Falwell
American Clergyman
Jerry Lamon Falwell, Sr. was an American evangelical fundamentalist Southern Baptist pastor, televangelist, and a conservative political commentator. He was the founding pastor of the Thomas Road Baptist Church, a megachurch in Lynchburg, Virginia. Wikipedia
Georgie Fame
British Musician
Georgie Fame is a British rhythm and blues and jazz singer, and keyboard player. Wikipedia
Juan Manuel Fangio
Argentinian Celebrity
Juan Manuel Fangio , nicknamed El Chueco or El Maestro , was a racing car driver from Argentina, who dominated the first decade of Formula One racing. Wikipedia
Dakota Fanning
American Actress
Hannah Dakota Fanning , known as Dakota Fanning, is an American actress who rose to prominence after her breakthrough performance at age seven in the 2001 film I Am Sam. Wikipedia
Elle Fanning
American Actress
Mary Elle Fanning , known as Elle Fanning, is an American actress. She is the younger sister of actress Dakota Fanning and mainly known for her starring roles in Phoebe in Wonderland, Somewhere and We Bought a Zoo. Wikipedia
Shawn Fanning
American Businessman
Shawn Fanning is an American computer programmer, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor. He developed Napster, one of the first popular peer-to-peer file sharing platforms, in 1998. Wikipedia
Frantz Fanon
French Psychologist
Frantz Fanon was a Martinique-born, French-Algerian psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary, and writer whose works are influential in the fields of post-colonial studies, critical theory, and Marxism. Wikipedia
Michael Faraday
English Scientist
Michael Faraday, FRS was an English scientist who contributed to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. His main discoveries include those of electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis. Wikipedia
Nigel Farage
British Politician
Nigel Paul Farage is a British politician and leader of the UK Independence Party since 2010; he also held that position from September 2006 to November 2009. Wikipedia
Asghar Farhadi
Iranian Director
Asghar Farhadi is an Iranian film director and screenwriter. For his work as a director, he has received a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, among many other awards. Wikipedia
Dennis Farina
American Actor
Dennis Farina is an American actor of film and television and former Chicago police officer. He is a character actor, often typecast as a mobster or police officer. Wikipedia
Anna Faris
American Actress
Anna Kay Faris is an American actress, comedian and singer. Wikipedia
Eleanor Farjeon
English Writer
Chris Farley
American Comedian
Christopher Crosby "Chris" Farley was an American comedian and actor. Wikipedia
Dan Farmer
American Scientist
Dan Farmer is an American computer security researcher. In 1995, Farmer and Wietse Venema created Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks , one of the earliest network based vulnerability scanners. Wikipedia
Fannie Farmer
American Celebrity
Fannie Merritt Farmer was an American culinary expert whose Boston Cooking-School Cook Book became a widely used culinary text. Wikipedia
Frances Farmer
American Actress
Frances Elena Farmer was an American actress of stage and screen. She is perhaps better known for sensationalized and fictional accounts of her life, and especially her involuntary commitment to a mental hospital. Wikipedia
Paul Farmer
American Educator
Paul Edward Farmer is best known for his humanitarian work providing "first world" health care for "third world" people, beginning in Haiti. Wikipedia
James L. Farmer, Jr.
American Activist
Eliza Farnham
American Activist
Eliza Farnham was a 19th-century American novelist, feminist, abolitionist, and activist for prison reform. Wikipedia
Richard Farnsworth
American Actor
Richard W. Farnsworth was an American actor and stuntman. Wikipedia
King Farouk
Egyptian Royalty
Farouk I of Egypt , was the tenth ruler from the Muhammad Ali Dynasty and the penultimate King of Egypt and the Sudan, succeeding his father, Fuad I of Egypt, in 1936. Wikipedia
George Farquhar
Irish Dramatist
George Farquhar was an Irish dramatist. He is noted for his contributions to late Restoration comedy, particularly for his plays The Recruiting Officer and The Beaux' Stratagem . Wikipedia
Jamie Farr
American Actor
Jamie Farr is an American television, film, and theater actor. He is best known for having played the role of cross-dressing Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger in the CBS television sitcom M*A*S*H. Wikipedia
Sam Farr
American Politician
Samuel Sharon "Sam" Farr is the U.S. Representative for California's 20th congressional district, serving in Congress since 1993. He is a member of the Democratic Party. Wikipedia
Tommy Farr
Welsh Athlete
Thomas George Farr was one of the most famous Welsh and British boxers of all time. Born in Clydach Vale, Wales and nicknamed "the Tonypandy Terror", he became British and Empire heavyweight champion on 15 March 1937. Wikipedia
Louis Farrakhan
American Activist
Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr. is the leader of the syncretic and mainly African-American religious movement the Nation of Islam . Wikipedia
Frederic William Farrar
Indian Theologian
Frederic William Farrar was a cleric of the Church of England . Wikipedia
Colin Farrell
Irish Actor
Colin James Farrell is an Irish actor. After TV and film work in the UK, he was discovered by Joel Schumacher while auditioning for Tigerland . Farrell subsequently starred in several American thrillers, Phone Booth , S.W.A.T. Wikipedia
James T. Farrell
American Novelist
James Thomas Farrell was an American novelist, short-story writer, and poet. One of his most famous works was the Studs Lonigan trilogy, which was made into a film in 1960 and into a television miniseries in 1979. Wikipedia
Mike Farrell
American Actor
Michael Joseph "Mike" Farrell is an American actor, best known for his role as Captain B.J. Hunnicutt on the television series M*A*S*H . He is an activist for political causes. Wikipedia
Perry Farrell
American Musician
Perry Farrell is the frontman for the alternative rock band Jane's Addiction. Farrell created the touring festival Lollapalooza as a farewell tour for Jane's Addiction in 1991; it has since evolved into an annual destination festival. Wikipedia
Suzanne Farrell
American Dancer
Suzanne Farrell is an eminent 20th century ballerina and the founder of the Suzanne Farrell Ballet at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Wikipedia
Warren Farrell
American Writer
Warren Thomas Farrell is an American educator, activist and author of seven books on men's and women's issues. Wikipedia
Bobby Farrelly
American Director
Robert Leo "Bobby" Farrelly, Jr. is an American film director, screenwriter and producer and one of the Farrelly brothers. Wikipedia
Peter Farrelly
American Director
Peter John Farrelly is an American film director, screenwriter, producer and novelist. Wikipedia
Austin Farrer
English Theologian
Austin Marsden Farrer was an English theologian and philosopher. His activity in philosophy, theology, and spirituality lead many to consider him the outstanding figure of 20th century Anglicanism. Wikipedia
Mia Farrow
American Actress
Mia Farrow is an American actress, singer, humanitarian, and former fashion model. Wikipedia
Michael Fassbender
German Actor
Michael Fassbender is a German-Irish actor. Wikipedia
Brenda Fassie
South African Musician
Brenda Fassie was an anti-apartheid South African Afropop singer. Her bold stage antics earned a reputation for "outrageousness". Affectionately called Mabrr by her fans, she was sometimes described as the "Queen of African Pop". Wikipedia
Andrew Fastow
American Criminal
Andrew Stuart Fastow is an American businessman who served as the chief financial officer of Enron Corporation, an energy trading company based in Houston, Texas, until the U.S. Wikipedia
Minnesota Fats
American Celebrity
George Hegerman is a fictional pool hustler, better known by the nickname "Minnesota Fats", and featured as a prominent character in Walter Tevis's novels The Hustler and The Color of Money. Wikipedia
Chaka Fattah
American Politician
Chaka Fattah is the U.S. representative for Pennsylvania's 2nd congressional district, serving since 1995. He is a member of the Democratic Party. He previously served in the Pennsylvania Senate and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Wikipedia
Charles Simon Favart
French Dramatist
Charles Simon Favart was a French dramatist. Wikipedia
Brett Favre
American Athlete
Brett Lorenzo Favre is a former American football quarterback who spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League . Wikipedia
Jon Favreau
American Actor
Jonathan Kolia "Jon" Favreau is an American actor, director, screenwriter, voice artist, and comedian. As an actor, he is best known for his roles in Rudy, Swingers , Very Bad Things, and The Break-Up. Wikipedia
Farrah Fawcett
American Actress
Farrah Leni Fawcett was an American actress and artist. Wikipedia
Millicent Fawcett
British Activist
Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett, GBE was an English suffragist and an early feminist. She was a British suffragist, an intellectual, political leader, Union leader, mother, wife and writer. Wikipedia
William Feather
American Author
William A. Feather was an American publisher and author, based in Cleveland, Ohio. Wikipedia
Douglas Feaver
Douglas Russell Feaver was the Bishop of Peterborough in the Church of England from 1972 to 1984. Wikipedia
Roger Federer
Swiss Athlete
Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player who, as of April 2013, is ranked world No. 3 by the ATP. Many sports analysts, tennis critics and former and current players consider Federer the greatest tennis player of all time. Wikipedia
Nina Fedoroff
American Scientist
Nina Vsevolod Fedoroff is an American professor known for her research in life sciences and biotechnology, especially transposable elements or jumping genes and plant stress response. Wikipedia
Tom Feeney
American Athlete
Thomas Charles Feeney, III, known as Tom Feeney , is an American politician from the state of Florida. He represented Florida's 24th congressional district. He was defeated in the 2008 election by Democrat Suzanne Kosmas. Wikipedia
Brendan Fehr
Canadian Actor
Brendan Jacob Joel Fehr is a Canadian film and television actor, perhaps best known for portraying Michael Guerin in the WB television series Roswell and for portraying Laboratory Tech Dan Cooper in CSI: Miami. Wikipedia
Oded Fehr
Israeli Actor
Oded Fehr is an Israeli film and television actor now based in the United States. Wikipedia
Jules Feiffer
American Cartoonist
Jules Ralph Feiffer is an American syndicated cartoonist, most notable for his long-run comic strip titled Feiffer. He has created more than 35 books, plays and screenplays. Wikipedia
Russ Feingold
American Politician
Russell Dana "Russ" Feingold is a lawyer and politician from the U.S. state of Wisconsin. He served as a Democratic party member of the U.S. Senate from 1993 to 2011. Wikipedia
Dianne Feinstein
American Politician
Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein, born Dianne Emiel Goldman is the senior United States Senator from California. A member of the Democratic Party, she has served in the Senate since 1992. Wikipedia
Michael Feinstein
Michael Jay Feinstein is an American singer, pianist, and music revivalist. He is an interpreter of, and an anthropologist and archivist for, the repertoire known as the Great American Songbook. Wikipedia
Bruce Feirstein
American Writer
Bruce Feirstein is an American screenwriter and humorist, best known for his contributions to the James Bond series and his best-selling humor books, including Real Men Don't Eat Quiche and Nice Guys Sleep Alone. Wikipedia
Raymond E. Feist
American Author
Raymond Elias Feist is an American author who primarily writes fantasy fiction. He is best known for The Riftwar Cycle series of novels and short stories. His books have been translated into multiple languages and have sold over 15 million copies. Wikipedia
Douglas Feith
American Public Servant
Douglas J. Feith served as the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy for United States President George W. Bush from July 2001 until August 2005. Wikipedia
Corey Feldman
American Actor
Corey Scott Feldman is an American actor, former child actor, and singer. Wikipedia
Marty Feldman
English Comedian
Martin Alan "Marty" Feldman was an English comedy writer, comedian and actor, easily identified by his misaligned eyes. Wikipedia
Morton Feldman
American Composer
Morton Feldman was an American composer, born in New York City. Wikipedia