Quotes by D Authors

Al D'Amato
American Politician
Alfonse Marcello "Al" D'Amato is an American lawyer and former New York politician. A Republican, he served as United States Senator from New York from 1981 to 1999. Wikipedia
Anthony J. D'Angelo
American Writer
Gabriele D'Annunzio
Italian Poet
Gabriele D'Annunzio , Principe di Montenevoso, sometimes spelled d'Annunzio was an Italian writer, poet, journalist, playwright and soldier during World War I. Wikipedia
Isaac D'Israeli
British Writer
Isaac D'Israeli was a British writer, scholar and man of letters. He is best known for his essays, his associations with other men of letters, and as the father of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. Wikipedia
Vincent D'Onofrio
American Actor
Vincent Philip D'Onofrio is an American actor, director, film producer, writer, and singer. Often referred to as an actor's actor, his work as a character actor has earned him the nickname "The Human Chameleon". Wikipedia
Dinesh D'Souza
Indian Author
Dinesh D'Souza is a conservative political commentator of American Politics, and author who was formerly the President of The King's College in New York City. Wikipedia
Chuck D.
American Musician
Carlton Douglas Ridenhour , better known by his stage name, Chuck D, is an American rapper, author, and producer. He helped create politically and socially conscious rap music in the mid-1980s as the leader of the rap group Public Enemy. About. Wikipedia
Simon Dach
German Poet
Simon Dach was a Prussian German lyrical poet and writer of hymns, born in Memel in the Duchy of Prussia. Wikipedia
Ivica Dacic
Serbian Politician
Ivica Dacic is a Serbian politician who has been the Prime Minister of Serbia since July 2012. Wikipedia
Puff Daddy
American Musician
Sean John Combs , also known by his stage names Puff Daddy, Diddy, and P. Diddy, is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Combs was born in Harlem and grew up in Mount Vernon, New York. Wikipedia
Trick Daddy
American Musician
Maurice Young , better known by his stage name Trick Daddy, is an American rapper actor, and producer. Wikipedia
Willem Dafoe
American Actor
Willem Dafoe is an American film, stage, and voice actor, and a member of the experimental theater company The Wooster Group. Wikipedia
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre
French Artist
Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre was a French artist and physicist, recognized for his invention of the daguerreotype process of photography. He became known as one of the fathers of photography. Wikipedia
Arlene Dahl
American Actress
Arlene Carol Dahl is an American actress and former MGM contract star, who achieved notability during the 1950s. She is the mother of actor Lorenzo Lamas. Wikipedia
Roald Dahl
British Novelist
Roald Dahl was a British novelist, short story writer, poet, fighter pilot and screenwriter. Wikipedia
Robert A. Dahl
American Writer
Robert Alan Dahl is the Sterling Professor emeritus of political science at Yale University, where he earned his Ph.D. in political science in 1940. Wikipedia
Edward Dahlberg
American Novelist
Edward Dahlberg was an American novelist, essayist and autobiographer. Wikipedia
Bao Dai
Vietnamese Statesman
B?o D?i , born Nguy?n Phúc Vinh Th?y , was the 13th and final emperor of the Nguy?n dynasty, which was the last dynasty of Vietnam. From 1926 to 1945, he was king of Annam. Wikipedia
Dan Dailey
American Actor
Daniel James Dailey Jr. was an American dancer and actor. Wikipedia
Dick Dale
American Musician
Dick Dale is a Lebanese American surf rock guitarist, known as The King of the Surf Guitar. He pioneered the surf music style, drawing on Eastern musical scales and experimenting with reverberation. Wikipedia
Jim Dale
British Musician
Jim Dale, MBE is an English actor, voice artist, singer and songwriter. Wikipedia
Stan Dale
American Educator
Stan Dale was a radio broadcaster, writer, teacher, and founder of the Human Awareness Institute in 1968. Wikipedia
Richard J. Daley
American Politician
Richard Joseph Daley was an American politician who was the Mayor of Chicago for 21 years and chairman of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee for 23 years, holding both positions until his death in office in 1976. Wikipedia
Richard M. Daley
American Politician
Richard Michael Daley is a former Mayor of Chicago, Illinois. Daley was elected mayor in 1989 and was re-elected five times until declining to run for a seventh term. Wikipedia
Tom Daley
English Athlete
Thomas Robert "Tom" Daley is a British diver, and television personality, who specialises in the 10 metre platform event and was the 2009 FINA World Champion in the individual event at the age of 15. Wikipedia
William M. Daley
American Politician
William Michael "Bill" Daley is an American lawyer and former banker. He served as White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama from January 2011 to January 2012. He also served as U.S. Wikipedia
Kenny Dalglish
Scottish Athlete
Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish MBE is a Scottish former footballer and manager. In a career spanning 22 years, he played for Celtic and Liverpool, winning numerous honours with both. Wikipedia
Salvador Dali
Spanish Artist
Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marqués de Dalí de Pubol , known as Salvador Dalí , was a prominent Spanish surrealist painter born in Figueres, Spain. Wikipedia
Ray Dalio
American Businessman
Ray Dalio is an American businessman and founder of the investment firm Bridgewater Associates. In 2012, Dalio was named in Time 100, an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world assembled by Time. Wikipedia
Beatrice Dalle
French Actress
Béatrice Dalle is a French actress. Wikipedia
Hugh Dalton
British Politician
Edward Hugh John Neale Dalton, Baron Dalton PC was a British Labour Party politician who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1945 to 1947, when he was implicated in a political scandal involving budget leaks. Wikipedia
John Dalton
British Scientist
John Dalton FRS was an English chemist, meteorologist and physicist. He is best known for his pioneering work in the development of modern atomic theory, and his research into colour blindness . Wikipedia
Timothy Dalton
Welsh Actor
Timothy Peter Dalton is a British actor of film and television. Wikipedia
Roger Daltrey
English Musician
Roger Harry Daltrey, CBE is an English singer, musician, songwriter and actor, best known as the founder and lead singer of English rock band The Who. Wikipedia
Carson Daly
American Entertainer
Carson Jones Daly is an American television host, radio personality, and television personality. He is the host of NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly, a late-night talk show that began airing on January 7, 2002. Wikipedia
Chuck Daly
American Coach
Charles Jerome "Chuck" Daly was an American basketball head coach. Wikipedia
James Daly
American Actor
Mary Daly
American Theologian
Mary Daly was an American radical feminist philosopher, academic, and theologian. Daly, who described herself as a "radical lesbian feminist", taught at Boston College, a Jesuit-run institution, for 33 years. Wikipedia
Tyne Daly
American Actress
Ellen Tyne Daly is an American stage and screen actress, widely known for her work as Detective Mary Beth Lacey in the television series Cagney & Lacey and as Maxine Gray in the television series Judging Amy. Wikipedia
Johnny Damon
American Athlete
Johnny David Damon is an American professional baseball outfielder. Wikipedia
Matt Damon
American Actor
Matthew Paige "Matt" Damon is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, and philanthropist whose career was launched following the success of the drama film Good Will Hunting from a screenplay he co-wrote with friend and actor Ben Affleck. Wikipedia
William Dampier
English Explorer
William Dampier was the first man of English descent to explore sections of New Holland and also the first person to circumnavigate the world three times. Wikipedia
Bill Dana
American Comedian
John Cotton Dana
American Author
John Cotton Dana was an American librarian and museum director whose main objective was to make the library relevant to the daily lives of the citizens and to promote the benefits of reading. Wikipedia
Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
American Lawyer
Richard Henry Dana Jr. was an American lawyer and politician from Massachusetts, a descendant of an eminent colonial family who gained renown as the author of the American classic, the memoir Two Years Before the Mast. Wikipedia
Charles Dance
English Actor
Walter Charles Dance, OBE is an English actor, screenwriter, and film director. Dance typically plays assertive bureaucrats or villains. Some of his most high profile roles are Guy Perron in The Jewel in the Crown , Dr. Wikipedia
Hugh Dancy
British Actor
Evan Dando
American Musician
Evan Griffith Dando is an American musician, best known for fronting the alternative rock band The Lemonheads. Wikipedia
Jill Dando
British Journalist
Jill Wendy Dando was an English journalist, television presenter and newsreader who worked for the BBC for 14 years. She was murdered by gunshot outside her home in Fulham, West London; her killer has never been identified. Wikipedia
Frank Dane
Frank Dane was a British actor of the silent era. Wikipedia
Taylor Dane
Taylor Dayne is the stage name of Leslie Wunderman , an American pop singer-songwriter and actress. In late 1987, she scored her first major hit when her debut single "Tell It to My Heart" reached #7 on the Hot 100. Wikipedia
Claire Danes
American Actress
Claire Catherine Danes is an American actress of television, stage, and film. Wikipedia
Simin Daneshvar
Iranian Novelist
Simin Daneshvar ? was an Iranian academic, novelist, fiction writer and translator, largely regarded as the first major Iranian woman novelist. Daneshvar had a number of firsts to her credit. Wikipedia
Serge Daney
French Critic
Serge Daney was an influential French movie critic who went on from writing film reviews to developing a "television criticism" and onto building a personal theory of the image. Wikipedia
John C. Danforth
American Politician
John Claggett Danforth is a former United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Before becoming the UN Ambassador he was the Attorney General of Missouri and United States Senator from Missouri. He is also an ordained Episcopal priest. Wikipedia
Rodney Dangerfield
American Comedian
Rodney Dangerfield was an American comedian, and actor, known for the catchphrase "I don't get no respect!", and his monologues on that theme. He is also remembered for his 1980s film roles, especially in Easy Money, Caddyshack, and Back to School. Wikipedia
Beth Daniel
American Athlete
Beth Daniel is an American professional golfer. She became a member of the LPGA Tour in 1979 and won 33 LPGA Tour events, including one major championship, during her career. She is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. Wikipedia
Brittany Daniel
American Actress
Brittany Ann Daniel is an American television and film actress. She is the twin sister of former actress and photographer Cynthia Daniel. Wikipedia
Clifton Daniel
American Editor
Elbert Clifton Daniel Jr. was managing editor of the New York Times from 1964 to 1969. Before assuming the top editorial job at the paper, he served as the paper's London and Moscow bureau chief. Wikipedia
Samuel Daniel
English Poet
Samuel Daniel was an English poet and historian. Wikipedia
Anthony Daniels
English Actor
Anthony Daniels is an English actor. He is best known for his role as the droid C-3PO in the Star Wars series of films made between 1977 and 2008. Wikipedia
Charlie Daniels
American Musician
Charles Edward "Charlie" Daniels is an American musician known for his contributions to country and southern rock music. Wikipedia
Jeff Daniels
American Actor
Jeffrey Warren "Jeff" Daniels is an American actor, musician and playwright. He founded a non-profit theatre company, the Purple Rose Theatre Company, in his home state of Michigan. Wikipedia
Josephus Daniels
American Politician
Josephus Daniels was a newspaper editor and publisher from North Carolina who was appointed by United States President Woodrow Wilson to serve as Secretary of the Navy during World War I. Wikipedia
Mitch Daniels
American Politician
Mitchell Elias "Mitch" Daniels, Jr. is an American politician who serves as the current president of Purdue University and was the former Governor of Indiana. A member of the Republican Party, he served two terms as governor from 2005 to 2013. Wikipedia
Paul Daniels
British Entertainer
Newton Edward Daniels, known by his stage name Paul Daniels , is a British magician and television performer. He achieved international fame through his television series The Paul Daniels Magic Show, which ran on the BBC from 1979 to 1994. Wikipedia
William Daniels
American Actor
William David Daniels is an American actor and former president of the Screen Actors Guild . Wikipedia
Rick Danko
Canadian Musician
Richard Clare "Rick" Danko was a Canadian musician and singer, best known as a member of The Band. Wikipedia
Mychael Danna
Canadian Musician
Mychael Danna is an Academy Award-winning Canadian film composer, winning the Best Original Score for Life of Pi. Wikipedia
Godfried Danneels
Godfried Maria Jules Danneels is a Belgian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as the Metropolitan Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and the chairman of the episcopal conference of his native country from 1979 to 2010. Wikipedia
Blythe Danner
American Actress
Blythe Katherine Danner is an American actress. She is the mother of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and director Jake Paltrow. Wikipedia
Ted Danson
American Actor
Edward Bridge "Ted" Danson III is an American actor, author and producer, well known for his role as lead character Sam Malone in the sitcom Cheers, and his role as Dr. John Becker on the series Becker. Wikipedia
Joe Dante
American Director
Joseph "Joe" Dante, Jr. is an American film director, producer, editor and actor. His films-notably Gremlins -often mix fantastical storylines with comedic elements. Wikipedia
Edwidge Danticat
Haitian Author
Edwidge Danticat is a Haitian-American author. Wikipedia
Arthur C. Danto
American Critic
Arthur Coleman Danto is an American art critic and philosopher. Wikipedia
Georges Jacques Danton
French Revolutionary
Georges Jacques Danton was a leading figure in the early stages of the French Revolution and the first President of the Committee of Public Safety. Wikipedia
Tony Danza
American Actor
Tony Danza is an American actor known for starring on the TV series Taxi and Who's the Boss?, for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award and four Golden Globe Awards. Wikipedia
Glenn Danzig
American Musician
Glenn Danzig is an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and entrepreneur. He is a founder of bands the Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig. He owns the Evilive record label as well as Verotik, an adult-oriented comic book publishing company. Wikipedia
Paula Danziger
American Author
Paula Danziger was a U.S. and E.U. children's author. She grew up in Metuchen, New Jersey. She lived in New York City and in Bearsville, New York . For several years, she had a flat in London. Wikipedia
Frank Darabont
American Director
Frank Darabont is a Hungarian-American film director, screenwriter and producer who has been nominated for three Academy Awards and a Golden Globe. Wikipedia
John Nelson Darby
English Clergyman
John Nelson Darby was an Anglo-Irish evangelist, and an influential figure among the original Plymouth Brethren. He is considered to be the father of modern Dispensationalism and Futurism in the English vernacular. Wikipedia
Christopher Darden
American Lawyer
Christopher Allen Darden is an American lawyer, writer, lecturer and practicing attorney. He was a 15-year veteran of the Los Angeles County District Attorney, where he was assigned to the prosecution of O. J. Simpson. Wikipedia
Bobby Darin
American Musician
Bobby Darin was an American singer, songwriter, and actor of film and television. He performed in a range of music genres, including pop, rock, jazz, folk, and country. Wikipedia
Ruben Dario
Nicaraguan Poet
Félix Rubén García Sarmiento , known as Rubén Darío, was a Nicaraguan poet who initiated the Spanish-American literary movement known as modernismo that flourished at the end of the 19th century. Wikipedia
Alvin Dark
American Athlete
Alvin Ralph Dark , nicknamed "Blackie" and "The Swamp Fox", is a former shortstop and manager in Major League Baseball who played for five National League teams from 1946 to 1960. Wikipedia
Alistair Darling
British Politician
Alistair Darling is a British Labour Party politician who has been a Member of Parliament since 1987, currently for Edinburgh South West. He was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2007 to 2010. Wikipedia
Grace Darling
English Celebrity
Grace Darling was an English lighthouse keeper's daughter, famed for participating in the rescue of survivors from the shipwrecked Forfarshire in 1838. Wikipedia
Ron Darling
American Athlete
Ronald Maurice Darling, Jr. is an American former right-handed starting pitcher in Major League Baseball who played for the New York Mets, Oakland Athletics and Montreal Expos. Wikipedia
Eric Darnell
American Actor
Eric Darnell is an American director, writer, songwriter, animator and occasional voice actor. Wikipedia
Dimebag Darrell
American Musician
Darrell Lance Abbott , also known as Diamond Darrell and Dimebag Darrell, was an American guitarist. Wikipedia
James Darren
American Actor
James William Ercolani , known by his stage name James Darren, is an American television and film actor, television director, and singer. Wikipedia
Clarence Darrow
American Lawyer
Clarence Seward Darrow was an American lawyer and leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union, best known for defending teenage thrill killers Leopold and Loeb in their trial for murdering 14-year-old Robert "Bobby" Franks , for defending... Wikipedia
Henry Darrow
Puerto Rican Actor
Henry Darrow is a prolific Puerto Rican-American character actor of stage and film. Darrow is probably best remembered for his role as Manolito Montoya on the 1960s television series The High Chaparral. Wikipedia
Paul Darrow
British Actor
Paul Darrow is an English actor best known for his portrayal of Kerr Avon in the BBC science fiction television series Blake's 7. Wikipedia
Jane Darwell
American Actress
Jane Darwell was an American actress of stage, film, and television. Wikipedia
Charles Darwin
English Scientist
Charles Robert Darwin, FRS was an English naturalist. Wikipedia
Erasmus Darwin
English Scientist
Erasmus Darwin was an English physician. One of the key thinkers of the Midlands Enlightenment, he was also a natural philosopher, physiologist, slave trade abolitionist, inventor and poet. Wikipedia
Francis Darwin
English Scientist
Sir Francis "Frank" Darwin, FRS , a son of the British naturalist and scientist Charles Darwin, followed his father into botany. Wikipedia